|| Detailed information on events, objects and all other items not covered by more detailed Databases.

(Event) The Aftershock

A cataclysmic event erupting from beyond the Tempest Ridge Nebula. The Aftershock was an electromagnetic and Polarytic radiation wave of largely unknown origin that tore through Aquarius, ultimately resulting in the Fall of the UTN, in 4040 A.D

(Event) The Great Exodus

Humanity left the Old Earth after years of conflict over diminishing resources and political struggles. After a limited Nuclear exchange, the major world powers began focusing efforts on abandoning the homeworld in search of new worlds to settle.

(Event) CEG Wars (2601-2616 AD)

A short but intense series of conflicts between the Central Earth Government and the Unified Terran Nations that escalated after a border dispute within the Barrier 13 of the Delta-Aquarius System.

(Object) Element X-1 (Polaryte)

An unusual element first discovered in the Aquarius Cluster. It is believed to be a synthetic element of Maikor origin and exhibits a wide variety of unusual properties that seem to defy established laws of physics. It is used in some form in almost all advanced modern technology such as Jump Drives and CTM-Based shield generators.

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