SASHLEYCAT STUFF is a Website created by Sashleycat. The Website serves as an outlet for their ideas and thoughts on a variety of subjects (those can be found in the Stuff section). Mostly non Poopolitical, but some might get through the filter.


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If you have a problem with me, or what I've typed here, I respect your right to disagree and hold a differing opinion. However, I also don't care. You are not forced to view my content so I suggest you close my website immediately.

'Frequently Asked Questions'


I'm a Retard called Ashley, I'm a human but sometimes I think I'm a cat. So you can call me Sashleycat. Did I mention that I'm retarded? Well I am. Why do you want to know more about me? Are you some sort of creepy stalker, huh?

Well I ain't telling you nothing. And that's a double negative so that means I'm going to tell you something. So, uh, here you go.

I have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and I say retarded things. Apparently I'm also pretty damn obssessed with Microprocessors and Integrated Circuits. I also like cats. I'm gender non-conforming, and a proponent of non-binary gender identity. If you're one of those people who have a problem with non binary gender identity: click here.

I also do World Community Grid. You should check it out if you have spare processing power. Referral link is below.

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