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Hello. Welcome to my website.

Here I post things that I enjoy typing about. Basically my hobbies. They include PC Hardware, Video Gaming, cats and Science Fiction/Fantasy Role Play.


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Please read these posts for important information about me or my website and content. I recommend reading these before making a judgement. Thanks.

This is where I post my thoughts on my interests. Just some stuff really.

Here you can view my lists of information on Computer Hardware I have owned.

Here I upload various random pictures of PC Hardware I have owned at some point.

I made a profile of information about me if you are interested you can see it here.

If you want to contact me about something please use this page.

I made an FAQ but these aren't actually Frequently Asked, I just figured I'd say some basic stuff people might want to ask.

Everything related to our feline friends.

Here are some other links to my other profiles and social things.

I lose myself in my Science Fantasy Universe in the Role Play section.

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