Special notice: I know you are probably sick of reading about it. But if you have a computer you can help find a cure for the current pandemic by running Folding at Home. SCIENCE always wins!

World Community Grid will need your Processing Power to fight the current Pandemic, and future pandemics. SCIENCE! ALWAYS! WINS!

Other Notice: If you clicked on my website from a link on Social media (like Twitter) because I was saying random, retarded or politically charged things; My website is free of that crap. Well, mostly. I occasionally have crazy rants / phases at midnight or in the early hours of the morning where I post a bunch of crap on Social Media. Social Media actually sucks, though. I don't know why I use it. If you're triggered by me I advise you to close my website immediately. There's no room here for your Jimmie Entanglement. Otherwise, read This.


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